In this section you will find reports from events, policy briefs and other publications of the Belgian Safer Internet Center.

BetternetLab – Better Internet for All

"How does the lack of media/digital skills reinforce social and cultural vulnerabilities? How could media literacy respond to this?" A discussion with professionals.

BetternetLab – Moving away from sluts and machos online

A conference and exchange with youth professionals to debunk gender-based stereotypes online.

Creating a Better Internet for All: How to include and support vulnerable groups?

Not everyone has the access, means or skills to participate fully in our digital society. Therefore, it is important to improve media literacy initiatives so that they better meet the needs of all.

How to create a better internet for children and young people?

Everyone plays a vital role in creating a better internet for every child out there. A set of recommendations by the Belgian Better Internet Consortium.

Memorandum Safer Internet Day 2019

As technology continues to develop, it is the responsibility of all states, stakeholders and enterprises to make sure every child can enjoy the full range of human and children’s rights in the digital environment too.